Hello friends, if you are an old reader of my blogs, you know well by now that writing/blogging is one of my passions, my creative playground maybe ☺️ .

Since I left the corporate world after becoming a full time mom, I stole the precious non-mothering times to start learning about business world. Through books, online courses and some real world experience.  A whole new world for me, as I belong to the chain of job going people for generations ☺️ . Left, right and centre, people going to jobs.

My motivation to get into this world, my kids need to be my primary time consumers ☺️ . And for that, I want to have some business, that I can run on my own terms and time constraints.

So, I believe its quite clear why we are here ☺️ . I will share my knowledge, my experiences of whatever I know. Because when you give, you get a whole lot more in return, satisfaction to say the least ☺️ .

Friends, come join me on this journey, lets grow together in this another dimension ☺️ .

Coming up in my next blog: How to figure out what business to start? Keep watching ☺️ .


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