Some say it’s passion and some say it’s the demand. We generally get inclined to do what we are passionate about. That is what keeps coming to our minds most of the time.

If you are into software, you want to create something related, maybe a world changing App ☺️ . And if you are into art, you want to have something creative of your own. That’s all very cool and compelling !

There is another factor, which is the stark reality. And that is what  people need. People mostly buy what they need, would seldom purchase something just because it symbolizes your passion!

So, its a tricky choice, passion or market need. You basically need to keep thinking, experimenting, and finding what suits your need the most.

If you start pursuing passion related business, you draw a lot of satisfaction by doing what you like. Making money may be very difficult, but sometimes being resilient and undeterred may get you somewhere. To make good money, you need to fulfill some unmet need of people.

Start off like this, brainstorm for some good business ideas regularly and write them down. Then find out how feasible those ideas are, do they provide good value to people for them to buy, are they inline with your interest and values? Do this as often as you can.

Now try to figure out how can you create a niche product/service/business by using your unique qualities, knowledge or any other advantage that you may have. This is where your opportunity lies ☺️ .

You don’t need huge investment to start with. You can begin with little money, experiment,  see if  you are enjoying it, are people responding?

Friends, I end this blog here as its getting big ☺️ . You’ve got a lot to ponder over for now . Be on the lookout for the next bit ☺️ .


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