Let’s suppose you got a business idea now, and next logical step may seem to go all into purchasing, manufacturing  ( if needed) etc. You would want to produce sufficiently large amount of your product to meet the needs of your perspective customers ☺️ .

Please hold the enthusiasm for a little bit more time! Many a times we are too sure about our product, but it may not be that exciting for others to buy! So, its always better to get some idea about how people are going to react to our product.

The easiest way for us is to get feedback/view from our friends and family. That’s not the right thing to do. People close to us don’t want to say negative, they mostly encourage us to go ahead, or dilly dally on their response.

Target your future clients. You can try out by selling small number of samples in some possible outlets. Analyse the response to that. You will get a lot to learn from this little feedback also.

Another popular approach these days is using social media. Before even putting in a single dime, try this out. Create a webpage highlighting your product, it’s uses to the customer and how it will improve their lives ☺️ . Put in everything. Then create a google Ad that redirects people to your product’s webpage. 

This is where you will get the real picture. Analyse the response to your page . If you get sufficient traffic , congrats you will be rich soon ☺️ . 

If not, which is bound to happen many times, then your product isn’t going to create much waves. 

So, you see, without actually spending any money on your product, you will get good idea about how people are going to respond to it .

I will get into the technical details about  product webpage creation and google Ad integration in another blog soon ☺️ .

Have a great day ☺️ .


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