Our first instinct on facing adversity is to give up! It is very convenient this way ☺️ . You just need to accept defeat, mourn if you like for sometime. It’s easy to let go of all that you tried creating and believed in. 

Standing strong and undeterred is what is difficult. Being persistent in any outcome is test of our real strength. We all have that strength, it is not a rarity ☺️ . Trusting that strength and taking it step by step is all we need to enter the zone of awe, the place where dreams turn into reality. Businesses take a lot of time and patience to get established. We need to withstand all that comes our way.
When we are stuck, its good to  get out of the situation sometimes, to get a new or outside perspective. We may find the much needed solution, this way . Plan a vacation, that helps a lot 😀 .

I also have a very un-modern belief, if you may say so. Praying helps. Nothing fancy, a simple request to the Universal forces to coordinate 😀 .  I don’t promise any magic. But you will feel lighter, things will move,  you may find the direction that you had been looking for ! No harm in trying, right ☺️ .

Friends, I hope you will atleast think twice now before stepping down from something that means a lot to you ☺️ . 

Have a great day.


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