We can go to good schools. And then get into our dream college. We can add more degrees to top it all up.  This will keep us in good form, financially and socially.

In good old days, all this could have secured our future for ever. One skill, one job, would suffice to provide for many good years. Not any more! 

In this ever changing world, where businesses can die overnight we need to be alert and up to date all the time. This can happen if we are in the habit of learning. 

We can learn from everything and everyone around us. Lessons learnt from one stint can be applied effectively in others.  If you want to run your business, then you need to learn and reinvent constantly. You need it to adapt to the changing dynamics of the market and technology. Because, today there is no defined formula for success.

Learning also helps in maintaining our sanity 😀 . Empty head leads to confusion and restlessness. Learning makes us creative, boosts our self confidence and raises our spirits. Learn to be happy ☺️ .


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