If you are a mother, who also works from home, then there are a zillion things that you could be doing at any given moment. All those innumerable things may appear to be equally important. This holds true for anybody and everybody, for that matter  (I mean the males, fathers, office goers, and teachers  also 😁 ) .

Our natural instinct is to start working on whatever takes precedence. If your kid informs about some school work, you start helping her out. You forget what you actually set out to work on. Sometimes, the whole day passes, without acheiving any of your goals. 


    Fret no more, friends ☺️ . The most practical way to do all that you aim for in your day is: by making a list ! Before you begin your day, sit down and brainstorm for sometime. Note down all that you plan to do. This thinking and listing takes very little time, sometimes as less as 10-15 minutes. Thats all !

    As your day progresses, refer to your list, and try to complete your tasks. You will realise your day is going as you wanted it to, much to your surprise ☺️ . It’s a great feeling, really.

    You may not acheive all your targets. 70-80 % success is also a great accomplishment. There would be some tasks that you didn’t plan for, but had to pick up due to their nature of urgency. You need to be flexible and open minded for some level of uncertainty . I had no plans of writing this blog today , for example 😁 .


    Friends, I have benefitted a lot by making a list of to-do things at the start of the day. I want you to have a productive day as well ☺️ . 

    Happy working ☺️ .

    Photo-credits: My paternal uncle from the hills of Shimla


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