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little pearls of wisdom: a common man’s handbook for daily inspiration

Hello friends, with encouragement from all of you, I published my book on Amazon,  little pearls of wisdom: a common man’s handbook for everyday inspiration .


little pearls of wisdom: a common man's handbook for everyday inspiration
little pearls of wisdom

This book is a compilation of deep meaningful thoughts that give us strength to deal with everyday challenges. These thoughts have helped me turn into a stable and happy person. These insights have occurred naturally while facing difficulties in normal day to day routines.
The book contains very easy to read chapters, you can refer to them anytime, and start feeling more connected with yourself and the world.
Sometimes, a single line of wisdom can change our whole lives. Keep reading and learning!


parents and kids:joys and challenges of parenting

This is the book that I am currently writing.

Being a parent is the toughest job that we play in our lives, the most rewarding one as well. Each day spent as a parent teaches us many lessons of life. We face many challenges, and learn to overcome them day by day.

When I became a mother, I thought I knew it all. How tough can it really be! Well, it turns out raising kids is like going through some kind of test of our limits, capabilities and capacities every moment. We also become more refined and wholesome as humans.

This book describes my experiences as a mother of 2 doting kids. Our tests don’t end, but we become more capable and toughened to face any kind of situatuion.

This book is dedicated to all the kids in the world ☺ .

Please watch out for the the release of this book 🙂 .