Delegate,trust and enjoy

When you start your business, your expectations are that you would be the master of your work. Your work should not take over your life, to say the least. However, many a times it turns out to be just the opposite! You may get overloaded with work, and the freedom that you soo much looked forward to doesn’t seem to be there anywhere around.

Don’t fret, it isn’t the end of the world ☺️ . Like every other problem, we can take care of this too. From the very beginnning, whatever you do, try to document it! Ya, I mean it. How you design, interact, dress, travel, anything and everything.

Once you have figured out a model or process that works for your business, be sure that you write it down, to the very last step. This is like a business manual .

Now, lets come to the implementation of your written work ☺️ . Delegate your work to someone else! Start by hiring someone, maybe one person at a time. Your document or business manual should be her guide. All steps, all rules. This way you will have lesser to do, and you will have time to expand in other horizons as you desire ☺️ .

Delegation doesn’t work without trust. So, you need to trust people that work for you. Give them levy, trust their capacities and give them the scope for growth too. Its like a give and take arrangement ☺️ . 

Aberrations, wastage, loss..are all a part of the game. We will not be able to completely mitigate them, so let your people commit them and improvise. You can get involved in a lesser degree, monitoring over shorter periods to keep a tab ☺️ .

Friends, I hope this blog was interesting ☺️ . Looking forward to sharing more as I move along on my journey .

Get going, start doing ☺️ . And feel the adrenaline rushing .