Take off, there is no perfect time

Friends, the biggest hurdle that we face when we want to do something new, big or different, is the ability to start. Yes, we prepare at length, keep doing it for ever 😀 . 

We try to fix every conceivable problem, meet the minutest requirement and maybe wait for an auspicious time to start our  dream project/business. 

Well, we discuss and plan, pros and cons. We get encouraged one day, and discouraged the other. Never ending loop, and we just don’t push ourselves enough to takeoff! 

There is never ever going to be a perfect time and a perfect business, to start with atleast ☺️ . There are many game changing companies that started off as completely different from what they finally established themselves as ! It may happen that you start off in making storage devices, and end up making security software ☺️ . It happens, but what is imperative is that you take that first step towards building what you have been itching to do for a long time .


There are going to be high moments, and there are going to be disappointments ☺️ . There will only be emptiness and restlessness if you don’t move forward. Try out, atleast ☺️ . Failure or success, you try and learn along the path . What can be more rewarding ☺️ .